Features of LED lightings BEST WAY LIGHT

Energy Efficience Under the condition of the same brightness, LED lightings for 1000 hours just cost 1KWH(1W), Ordinary energy-saving lamps service for 100 hours, and Incandescent Light Bulb can work for 17 hours.
Long Lifespan The service life of the LED lightings can service more than 50,000 hours; Ordinary compact fluorescent lamp service for 6,000 hours, ordinary incandescent lamp life 1,000 hours.
Healthy Glow LED lightings is excluding red or uv light, no radiation. While, as we all know, incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamp mostly are contains ultraviolet and infrared light.
Environmental LED lightings is non-lead&mercury-free, nor electromagnetic interference. It can be reuse and recycle. Ordinary incandescent lamp containing harmful elements such as mercury and lead, however the electronic ballast of traditional fluorescent lamp will produce electromagnetic interference.
Protect Your Eyes Ordinary light is AC drives, it will produce stroboscopic, but LED lighting.LED lighting is constant current drives,never dazzling or dizzy.
Good Color Rendering Keep bright original colors, just give you a clear vision.
High Luminous Effiency LED lighting is less heat and energy efficiency, 90% of the electricity converted into visible light; Incandescent bulbs: 80% of electrical energy into heat energy, 20% of electricity into visible light.
Nonperishable The lamp body of LED lighting adapted the high thermal conductivity aluminum manufacturing, it is nonperishable in the logistics transportation process .
Safety LED lightings require less voltage and urrent, and send out less heat, no potential safety hazard. Furthermore, it can be used in the mines or other dangerous places.

 Lifespan PK & Replace Frequency

Lifespan PK & Replace Frequency


Comparison On Power Consumption

Comparison On Power Consumption (2)

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