BWL7-16 LED C Series Bulkhead Lamp

DAWN STAR BWL7-16 1Product Description
1. LED C Series Bulkhead Lamp, service life up to 50000 hours, save electricity more than 80﹪.
2.Adapt to heat pipe riveting technology, combined with the pressure of HDT and solid technology to speed up the heat conduction.
3. Innovative thin modularization heat body, air convection design and optimization of air duct, conforming omni-directional three-dimensional heat dissipation.
4. Professional design, with light the lamp body, exquisite appearance.



DAWN STAR BWL7-16 2Heat Pipe Riveting Technology  3D Heat Dissipation

Using the pipe riveting technology, it can cool the light source quickly and prolong the service life., the heat generated by the light source through efficient heat conduction to the modularization heat dissipation on the body.

3D Heat dissipation

Professional heat dissipation structure design, heat dissipation module is perfect and embedded air duct.With fins and air duct forming 3D cooling, send out quantity of heat to the greatest extent.


 HDT Tecknology  Solid Process
 In order to improve the effect of the heat sink, the method of modularization is adopted. Pure copper heat pipe and heat source fits closely, it can makes the light source conduct heat evenly to the heat sink.  The innovative solid process take the heat pipe and heat dissipation body fit closely, minimize the contact thermal resistance and maximize the heat dissipation. Beyond that, it‘s lighter compared with similar products.

Innovative design efficient protection


 The modularization radiating body

 Tied with steel wire rope

 The modular cooling body form a composition of plentiful product line, leading thin modularization heat body design. It is light and strong, minimize the weight and maximum the cool area to achieve the fastest heat dissipation.  Aluminum alloy tied with rope installation, high strength and toughness, good safety and reliability.

 Anodic oxide coating 

Closed chimney
Lamp appearance by anodic oxidation treatment, it can be used in harsh environment and the stringent requirements of heavy industry. Transparent PC chimney with high light transmittance, flame retardant wear-resisting and prevent dust into body with the silicone gasket.

Different angles of reflectors
DAWN STAR BWL7-16 9DAWN STAR BWL7-16 10High purity aluminum reflectors by anodic oxidation and polishing processing, the optimization of lighting performance at the same time will dazzle light to a minimum. There are 60°,90°,110° variety of choices. It’s suitable for different occasions.







Quick Details

Brand BWL Product Name NUMEN/ Input Voltage(V) AC100V-240V/50Hz,60Hz
Driver Power Stable high efficiency power supply with constant current Lens Function High light transmittance of transparent PC lampshade Install style Screw lock attached type
CCT Option Warm White( 3000K)

Nature White(4000K)

Pure White( 6000K)

Wattage Option 100W/150W Shell Appearance Sand silver
HeatSink Technics Anodic oxidation&Polishing processing Shell Material High thermal conductivity of 6063 aluminum Lens Material Quality  PC
Packing Kraft Box Qty/Carton
1 PCS Carton Size


Order Number Power(W) CCT(K) Output Lumen(lm) Angle Shell Product Size(mm) Weight/kg Qty/Ctn(PCS) Carton Size (mm)(L*W*H)
BWL7H1155216 100W Warm White/3000K 10000 60°/90°/110° Sand silver φ505.38*414 4kg 1 530*530*510
BWL7H1255216 100W Nature White/4000K 10000 60°/90°/110° φ505.38*414 4kg 1 530*530*510
BWL7H1355216 100W Pure White/6000K 10000 60°/90°/110° φ505.38*414 4kg 1 530*530*510


Order Number Power(W) CCT(K) Output Lumen(lm) Angle Shell Product Size(mm) Weight/kg Qty/Ctn(PCS) Carton Size (mm)(L*W*H)
BWL7A5155216 150W Warm White/3000K 15000 60°/90°/110° Sand silver φ505*439.5 5kg 1 530*530*540
BWL7A5255216 150W Nature White/4000K 15000 60°/90°/110° φ505*439.5 5kg 1 530*530*540
BWL7A5355216 150W Pure White/6000K 15000 60°/90°/110° φ505*439.5 5kg 1 530*530*540


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