LED Module Solution BWL-MLA




Technical Parameter:

Brand:Best Way Light
Working Volt: AC90-305V 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 30W、60W、90W、120W、150W、180W、200W、240W、270W
Power Factor: > 0.97
Luminaire Emclency:> 96%
Lnitial Luminous Efficlency: >120-130lm/W
Lumen Malntenance: Lumen Maintenance: 6000 hours -L80 ≥ 94.1%, 35000hours -L80 ≥ 70%, @25 oC
Correlated Color Temperature(CCT Option): 3000K 、4000K、6000K
Color Rendering Index(CRI):Ra>80
Life Span: 30000-50000H
Material:Lamp holder die-casting aluminum, aluminum radiator for efficient heat dissipation
IP Leve):IP65
Insulation Class:CLASS 1
Ambient Temp:-25℃-65℃
Installation Way:Fixed Installation
Practical Patented:ZL201620407907.4
1.National patent protection products, using low voltage DC power supply, no stroboscopic, no glare, uniform brightness.
2.Exterior surface or windward side in order to streamline is given priority to in order to reduce the resistance of the air, the wind resistance is stronger;
3.High precision drive power supply design, high power factor is more than 95%, high utilization rate of power grid;
4.LED light source and import OSRAM OSRAM chip for Germany, the United States imports CREE CREE, such as the United States imports of PHILIPS PHILIPS LED;
5.Key choose silicon rubber sealing ring material, waterproof parts – 50 ~ + 200 ℃ and under ultraviolet light still maintain good flexibility and weatherability;

Extensively applied in urban arterial road, one branch, highways, commercial districts, industrial zone, parks and other outdoor places.

Model Watt (W) Input Voltage Power Factor Lumen(LM) CCT(K) CRI(Ra) Service Life(h)
BWL-MLA-35 35W AC85-265V 0.98 4200lm 6500K ≥70 50000h
BWL-MLA-45 45W AC85-265V 0.98 5400lm 6500K ≥70 50000h
BWL-MLA-65 65W AC85-265V 0.98 7800lm 6500K ≥70 50000h
BWL-MLA-80 80W AC85-265V 0.98 9600lm 6500K ≥70 50000h
* 色温可选择(CCT Option): 3000K 、4000K









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