LED High Speed Rail Tunnel Light BWL-GTL

Product Introduction

LED HIGH-SPEED RAIL TUNNEL LIGHTLamps and lanterns is beautiful smooth, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, and reasonable configuration, convenient installation and maintenance.
Lamps shell with strong and durable, and can withstand the mechanical stress, the electric stress and thermal stress of high quality aluminum, cold extrusion molding, using curved road dust tight structure, waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosive function reliably.

Pervious to light cover USES the high strength, impact, transmittance should not less than 90% of the polycarbonate injection is made, according to the longitudinal phase wide bat wing light distribution pattern, add the uv stabilizer in molding process, to prevent yellowing due to the sun.Outer surface smooth and easy to clean, high light transmittance and ultraviolet aging resistant, high strength, can bear strong impact, and have strong corrosion resistance.
Fixed bracket of lamps and lanterns and shell, the vibration damping device, after vibration damping device of the flexible damping and absorption, make the amplitude and frequency of the vibration attenuation rapidly, so as to guarantee the normal work of the lamps and lanterns light electrical and installation of solid.

Basic Information

Model BWL7-GTL-***
Input Voltage 90-305VAC/50/60Hz
Power Factor PF≥0.98
Power Efficiency ≥90%
Power 30W / 50W / 80W / 120W
Luminous Efficiency 120-140lm/W
Color Temperature 4500K-6500K
Color Rendering Index Ra≥72 or Ra≥80
Service Life 50000 hours
Waterproof Rate IP65 / IP68
Shell Die-cast Aluminum
Heat Sink 6063 Aluminum
Weight(kg) 2.56kg
Surge Protection 6KV  Lightning Surge Proof Voltage
Working Temperature 40℃≤Ta≤60℃
Product Dim. 27.8cm*22.7cm*14.5cm

Technical Standard

In line with the ministry of railways industry standard TB/T2796-1997 railway tunnel fixed lighting technical conditions and related technical requirements of the high-speed railway tunnel lighting.

Using Environment

1) The highest temperature: + 60 ℃;
2) Low temperature: it is to 40 ℃;
3) Concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2) : > 30 mg/m3;
4) Five concentration of chlorine oxidation (N205) : > 100 mg/m3.
5) Altitude: 3000 m;
6) Can inherit the wind: 120 m/s.


Extensively applied in the  train speed in 200-400 km of high-speed railway tunnel, bridge, culvert road, railway tunnel, road tunnel, pedestrian passage, metallurgical, power plants, substations, garage, parking lot lighting, etc….


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