LED Melon and Fruits Growth Light

240W Plant Growth Light1. The shell of melon and fruits plant light is made of metal, and the shell after the lacquer that bake process forming, shell color can customize according to customer needs.

2. The melon and fruits plant light is composed of 80 pcs LED 3W high-power lamp bead, and light beads color matching between conventional 4-1 to 10:1, red light wavelength selection 620 nm – 630 – nm or 640 nm to 660 nm, blue light wavelength 460 nm to 470 nm, special formula can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The built-in three drive power supply.Cooling method adopts aluminum plate, the cooling fins and three fan cooling,and the cooling effect is perfect.Such a perfect design to ensure the normal working condition of lamp bead, prolong the service life of the lamp bead, improve the effectiveness and stability of the light source to the plant.

4.The plant growth light has convenient installation, high cost performance. Besides,it’s safety, environmental protection without pollution and harmful substances.

5. The service life of 50000 hours, quality assurance two years.
Service Environment
Application principle of the melon and fruits plant light is fully simulated sunlight on plant photosynthesis, choosing the most advantageous plants need spectral collocation, targeted to add energy to plants.Suitable for gardening, home, the balcony seeding/seedling breeding, farms, flower show, garden, potted plants, etc.This product is suitable for banana, tin caulis dendrobii, orchids, tobacco, algae, green pepper, eggplant, bitter melon, lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce and other herbs, vegetables, flowers plant seed and grow.Lamps and lanterns and the distance between the plant between 0.5 meters and 3 meters, in no sunlight conditions, according to plant, turn on the light time is in commonly 8 to 16 hours.The product suitable for 1-8 square meters of area, such as balcony, greenhouses, dark room, etc.Suitable for greenhouse planting or higher requirements of growing environment.

Quick Details

Brand BWL Product Number BWL7-24 Product Name LED Melon and Fruits

Growth Light

LED Color Red/Blue Wattage Option 120W/ 150W/170W/240W


Input Voltage(V) AC86-265V/50Hz,60Hz
Color-ratio According to customer


Ware Length Red ray   620-630nm
Blue ray  460-470nm
Product Certification CE / RoHS
PPFD 40 IP Grade IP55 Lifetime 50000H
Working Temp -20-40℃ Hanging Height 0.5-3.0 m Single Bead 1W/3W

Product Option

Order Number Power(W) Order Number Power(W) Order Number Power(W)
BWL7A2497124 120W BWL7B7497124 90*3W BWL7H5497124 168*3W
BWL7A5497124 150W BWL7H3497124 100*3W BWL7E4497124 180*3W
BWL7A7497124 55*3W BWL7C3497124 108*3W BWL7H6497124 600W
BWL7B4497124 80*3W BWL7D2497124 144*3W

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