BWL7-23 LED Street Light

BWL7-23 LED Street Light
DAWN-STAR-BWL7-23Product Description

1. With innovate design air duct , dissipate heat perfectly solved the problem of the LED heat dissipation, greatly extend the life of LED source.
2. The design of shell is aimed to avoid dust, water,it can reduce the pressure of cleaning maintenance,very suitable for outdoor lighting environment.
3. Prospective ultra-thin patent appearance structure design, convenient to store, transport and maintenance.
4. Protection grade reaches IP65.
5. The shell after the lacquer that bake and anodic oxidation treatment, It’s strong and high corrosion resistance.
DAWN STAR BWL7-23 1With innovate design air duct , dissipate heat perfectly by whole lamp

The whole lamp uses the solid aluminum alloy material,it is on the basis of strict thermotics simulation and test, and the air duct was optimized by using innovative modular fins group, LED light source without gap close to the heat sink, with the whole lamp cooling technology perfect solved the heat dissipation problem.

Free of dust, water design

Cooling module with large area of lamp shell transparent design, it can prevent dust and rain and guarantee the service life of lamps and lanterns, at the same time reduce the cleaning cycle of lightings.


Ultra-thin&Silver Appearance

Prospective ultra-thin patent design is compact, simple, at the same time efficient heat dissipation has significantly reduced the size and weight of lightings, it is convenient to store, transport and maintenance.Silver classical appearance as perfect modelling draw the outline of the city skyline.


 Protection Degree reaches IP65  Hurricane resistant level 16
 Using silica gel ring sealing technology, protection grade reaches IP65, completely prevent dust intrusion, also don’t ooze water in heavy storm.  Through professional pneumatic test, do not have any deformation or loosening, even at the highest custom category for 56 m/s 16 hurricane.
 Independent power supply for the design  Strong corrosion resistance
 Driver power is independent and easy to maintenance,it won’t be influenced by the LED temperature but improved the efficiency, stability and service life of the driver power.  Shell by the processing of the lacquer that bake, Heat sink through anodic oxidation treatment, form a protective layer at the surface, greatly improve the corrosion resistance, very suitable for the bad outdoor environment.

Multiple Choice

Streetlight S series has 120W,180W choice. Respectively, it can be used according to the site need to select the appropriate power lightings.

Transformation Efficiency/LED
LED street light will become the best choice for saving energy, as LED street light with green pollution-free, less energy consumption, high aluminum, long service life, etc.

Economic Benefit


Environmental Benefit


Social Benefit

1.Energy Conservation And Emissions Reduction
Greatly response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, implement the state council during the period of “11th five-year plan” put forward by the energy consumption per unit GDP by 20%, the total discharge of major pollutants reduced by 10% the constraints of the target.
2. City Image
Beautiful and environmental, regardless of appearance or on energy conservation and environmental protection, greatly improve the image of the city as a whole.
3.Road Lighting Quality
Compared with the traditional street light, LED street light is high color rendering index, accurately reflect the traffic and environmental conditions, greatly improving the quality of road lighting.
4. Benefits The Nation
Actually do something for the nation and people,It is response to national policy, promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction and improving the quality of urban grade and lighting.

 Main Road  Elevated Road

 Main Road

 Elevated Road

 Residential District  Highway

 Residential District


Quick Details

Brand BWL Product Name BLUE MOON Input Voltage(V) 220V-240V/50Hz,60Hz
Driver Power Stable high efficiency power supply with constant current Lens Function Ensure the ideal surface brightness and uniformity, eliminate dazzle light, no light pollution Install Style Arm
CCT Option Warm White/( 3000K)

Pure White/( 6000K)

Wattage Option 120W/180W Shell Appearance Silver
HeatSink Material Aluminum Shell Material 6063 Aluminum Lens Material Quality  PMMA


Order Number Power(W) CCT(K) Output Lumen(lm) Angle Shell ProductSize
Weight/kg Qty/Ctn(PCS) Carton Size(mm)(L*W*H)
BWL7A2115223 120W Warm White/3000K 10000 155*80° Silver 587x292mm 7.14 1 680*395*135
BWL7A8115223 180W Warm White/3000K 18000 155*80° 863x292mm 9.54 1 950*395*135


Order Number Power(W) CCT(K) Output Lumen(lm) Angle Shell Product Size(mm) Weight/kg Qty/Carton(PCS) Carton Size(mm)(L*W*H)
BWL7A2315223 120W Pure White/6000K 10000 155*80° Silver 587x292mm 7.14 1 680*395*135
BWL7A8315223 180W Pure White/6000K 18000 155*80° 863x292mm 9.54 1 950*395*135


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