BWL7-13 LED Spot Light(M Series)

BWL7-14 LED Flood Ligth(M Series) 400W1. Differ from traditional LED flood light, heat sinker on the back of the lamp, the new item using special fin type heat sinker making the lamp lighter and better in heat dissipation.
2. Using 120-130lm/w Philips lamp beads.
3. With a professional design and brief frame.
4. Offer unique design, excellent general service seal, protection grade against water reaches IP65.




 Flood Ligth  Building facade

 In public

 Building Facade

   Flood Ligth 3




Order Number Housing Color Wattage(W) Lumens (LM) Power Fact (PF) Beam Angle (°) Frequency (Hz/kHz) Input Voltage Range (V) Luminous Efficiency (LM/W) Color Rendering Index (CRI)
BWL7H4114425 (3000K)BWL7H4214425 (4000K)

BWL7H4314425 (5000K)

Silver,Black,Grey 430W±15W 38720LM >0.9 10°/30°/ 60° 50Hz-60Hz AC100-277V 80-90 >70
IP Rating Certification Warranty (Years) N.W.: (KG) G.W.: (KG) Packing Dimension Quantity / Carton( PCS) Working Environment
IP67 CE /PSE/ RoHs 5 17.4 18.9 526*390*326 1 -40~45°





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